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This is your go to real estate site to search and learn about real estate in the Van Alstyne area & the surrounding communities. You can do map based searches on many pages or just click on the city of your choice. Van Alstyne and the surrounding area is a great place to live. I often … Continue reading

How Zillow hurts you

Some time ago I wrote an article called, Zestiment -  read the fine print.  This is a great video that talks about that how the inaccuracy affected this owner very negatively.  View it for yourself & remember, Zillow gets their information from public sources and Texas is a non-disclosure … Continue reading

Van Alstyne Population

If you Google Van Alstyne, TX you may see Van Alstyne Realtor Keith Laursen horseback riding near this population sign.  While our area has definitely grown since this picture was taken, you can still enjoy simple pleasures like riding the back roads. There are many reasons for buying a home … Continue reading