Another Happy Van Alstyne Real Estate Client

Need a Van Alstyne Realtor that you can depend on when buying Grayson County real estate?  This recent Buyer Satisfaction Survey has been added to my growing list of happy Van Alstyne real estate buyers.

Keith, you did not help me find and purchase a house, you helped me find a “home”. You certainly did “spot” the perfect property for me.

I always try to educate buyers (Education Comments) on what to look for when making such a life changing decision. Kelly and I spent a lot of time looking for the right home for her and her children’s needs. As always, it’s important to take your time and get educated about what is available and how it fits.  She was savvy enough to have a home inspection and as a result walked away from more than one purchase.

She could have easily become frustrated but she persevered, finding an excellent home through the Fannie Mae Homepath program.  We had fun evaluating the choices, working with inspectors, trying to get utilities turned on and even some title issues that could have stopped the sale cold in its tracks.

When you are considering your Van Alstyne Realtor, I hope you will look past fancy advertisements or paid positions as premier agents and learn what my clients say about the services I provide.  I never look at real estate as a numbers game.  While it’s nice to be part of a large transaction or have many signs in yards,  I believe it is more important to treat each customer like they are the only customer.

Van Alstyne Realtors Spotted Horse

Longing For Greener Pastures? I “Spot Perfect Properties”

If that is the way you would like to be treated, contact me today through my website or call me directly at 469.233.1234. I will do my best to “spot the perfect property” for you!



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I am a Fathom Realty Realtor specializing in town and country properties in the cities of Van Alstyne, Anna, Melissa, Howe, Gunter, Tom Bean, Whitewright, McKinney and Plano, TX.

My trusty horse and I will help you "spot" the best in real estate. Remember, it can't sell if it's not spotted!
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