Don’t get dogged when selling your home!

Before you think about listing your home for sale, there are a few things you need to get straight. One of them is your pets, how they act and what you should do with them. From a stern talking to, caged in the garage or a trip to dog day care you have to plan for home showings.

Ten Pet Questions to Consider

Is your dog or pet up to date on shots?
The last thing you want is a lawsuit because Buffy the poodle wasn’t up to date on her rabies shots.

Is it registered as required by law?
There is never a problem until there is one, so like above make sure you have followed all the rules for permits where you live.

Is it a dangerous breed as defined by your insurance?
Many breeds are considered dangerous by insurance companies. Your Pit Bull may be the most mellow dog you have ever owned but consider removing dangerous breeds or inquire about short-term insurance if available.  Advise your Realtor so they can note about them in the MLS listing’s private remarks. No home buyer likes to be surprised when confronted with the undisclosed Mastiff.

How does it handle strangers?
Some animals love strangers and others want to eat them.  Be sure to let your real estate agent know your pet’s name and if it will respond to basic commands like No!

Is it chipped in case it get’s out?
Sometimes dogs and cats can’t wait to dart out the front door.  In the event that happens you need to be able to locate them.  Having your animal chipped just makes sense and you a responsible owner.

If it escapes, will it come when called?
Does Duke know his name or is he deaf when someone says, “Duke, get back here right now”.

Will fleas attack visitors?
Hopefully this won’t be an issue but make sure you have handled any bugs lurking in the couch or on Fido.  Nothing is more memorable when house hunting than an itch.

Will it distract guests?
If your dog(s) bark constantly when strangers arrive you may want to consider boarding. Also if you have a strange pet like a snake or some other exotic creature consider how buyers feel about them.  It may be normal for you to have a Tasmanian Devil in the bedroom but not everyone will feel the love.   You want the buyer to think about buying a home vs. your choice of pets.

How are its bathroom habits?
If your pet is named Farty Dan, please make proper arrangements. I listed a home once with a mild-mannered Boston Terrier that could run free in the home and not bother strangers.  The only issue was he had a bad case of diarrhea all over the home before an important showing. If you have cats, please take care of the litter box before a home showing.

What will you do on short notice?
Showings can happen from a sign call.  Ideally, you will want to leave the home so you should know how you will handle your pet.  Take them for a short walk or ride, to the neighbors or to doggy day care.

I hope those pet questions help.  We all love our pets but when selling your home you have to plan ahead.  Call me for other home selling tips and let’s get you moving!

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