To Sell Your Home – Get Spotted!

Frequently homes for sale in subdivisions look-alike.  If you want to sell, you have to find a way to stand out, to “get spotted”. I like to use my love for Appaloosa horses to point that out. Your home can blend in with all the other homes like a herd of all brown horses or you can stand out like a black and white Appaloosa against a snowy background.

You can't sell if your not spotted! - Van Alstyne HomesMy favorite example of this is a client I had in a tract home subdivision in Anna,TX.  The homes for sale looked alike with the same floor plans and boring white interiors. They all had those little formica covered kitchen islands that home builders like to throw in. I suggested they go to Ikea where they have inexpensive stock butcher block countertops.  Four screws and ten minutes later they had totally changed the look of the kitchen, plus it was even functional.

For showings you could even leave a cheese block and knife out with a note saying help yourself.  What better way to keep a buyer lingering in the kitchen?  They can actually cut on this countertop, effective buying in to living there and creating their own positive memory.

When people viewed several of the tract homes with the same features this one stood out in their memories and it sold before the others. You have to find a way to stand out.  Give your buyer a positive reason to remember your home. It could be a countertop, paint an accent wall, great entrance, updated light fixtures, etc.  Don’t leave negative impressions like pet odors, scratched up doors, dirty bathrooms and cluttered environments.

Remember – To sell, Be Different, Get Spotted !


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I am a Fathom Realty Realtor specializing in town and country properties in the cities of Van Alstyne, Anna, Melissa, Howe, Gunter, Tom Bean, Whitewright, McKinney and Plano, TX.

My trusty horse and I will help you "spot" the best in real estate. Remember, it can't sell if it's not spotted!
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