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This is good common sense information and tips from top mortgage experts on how to get preapproved for a home mortgage from the Texas Association of Realtors.
In this competitive market buyers must be preapproved.  Sellers are demanding preapproval letters before they will consider an offer and in most cases expect it to even show their home for sale.  No one wants to waste time with an offer from a buyer that won’t be able to close due to financing problems.

I also recommend using a local vs. on-line lender.  While the Ads of the guy sitting at his PC in his under-ware look easy, when something goes wrong you want to be able to climb on someone’s desk to get it resolved.  Out of state lenders normally only like to do the cookie cutter mortgages vs. homes on acreage, barns with living quarters on other unique properties.  If you are one of hundreds of other loans trying to close on the last Friday in the month, you don’t want to hope someone in  California cares.

Be aware that what your preapproval says you are qualified for may not be the amount you want to go into debt for.  While its great to be preapproved for a half million dollar home, you want money left over for the finer things in life, like paying for healthcare!

For more information on the home buying or selling your home, contact Realtor Keith Laursen with Fathom Realty based in Van Alstyne, TX. Keith specializes in town and country properties and can spot the perfect home for you.


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