I Can Do That Myself!

I was recently called about scheduling a showing for a Van Alstyne real estate listing. I had to inform the potential buyer that it had been sold. Then I tried to obtain information concerning what they were looking for so I could help them. The were reluctant to offer much information and mentioned that they didn’t even know where Van Alstyne was.

While I was explaining where Van Alstyne is located and the virtues of our area I asked where they found out about the home for sale. It was from one of the many internet sites that pull information from the MLS.  At this point, I offered to set up an automatic MLS listing notice for them and exchange my contract information which includes a link to listing information & some background.  It became apparent that I was not needed when they poo pooed my offer and said emphatically, “I can do that myself!”

I don’t get my feelings hurt that easily so I wished them well but it continued to bug me. I am a resourceful person and I like do a lot of things myself too but when someone offers to help on one of the most important purchases of your life it’s possible you may learn from their experience. Here are a couple of things they might have learned:

First and foremost, where Van Alstyne is and if it even made sense to consider this area based on their needs, work and future plans. It’s somewhat amazing to me that someone would call a Realtor requesting a showing without first looking at a map.  It’s one thing to not know a certain area or subdivision but not even knowing where the city is located is just a tad counter-productive.

Up to date listing info – Sure there are numerous sites that have listing information but only an area agent with access to the actual MLS has the most up to date information.  Frequently, these other sites will not pick up on when a listings status changes from Active to Option, Pending, Taken Off Market, Expired or Sold!  Additionally, the listing agent may not have updated the MLS but a local area agent may know it’s status has changed from networking.  Agents like to brag to each other that their listing is under contract but they may not have had time to change the MLS status yet.

They took the time to try to schedule a showing but failed to realize that the agent may have been able to tell them about other properties either currently listed or about to come on market. Letting an agent know what you are looking for is the first step. Agents frequently know of upcoming listings or listing prices about to change.

Just from the tone and the fact that they hadn’t consulted a map yet, I am guessing that they probably had not talked to anyone about getting a mortgage pre-approval. If that was the case, I could have refered them to some quality mortgage contacts that I know can get a home loan closed.

You can’t help everyone and some people have resilience and like the satisfaction of doing things themselves. I don’t have a problem with that but I wish they would have realized I have a wealth of knowledge and information that would make their search easier and it wouldn’t have cost them a dime.  Two of the biggest things I could have saved them was frustration and one of the most important things we all need more of, TIME.  Oh yeah, there is one other small thing – I bet I could save them MONEY!

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