Limited Service Listing – Good Or Bad Idea?

Upside Down Limited Service MLS Photo

Upside Down Room

Is a Limited Service Listing a good idea?  The old adage that you get what you pay for truly applies here.

Notice The Upside Down MLS Photo ?

This is how one property was displayed in an MLS photo on market for over 69 days.  Apparently, in all that time neither the agent nor the owner bothered to look at or correct the picture orientation.  I posted previously about poor MLS photos but not correcting the photo orientation is just lazy.


Limited Service Listings became an option several years ago.  Limited normally means you can pick a level of service you are willing to pay for.  In most cases, it’s just list the property in the MLS with upgrades to include photos, signs, lockboxes and possibly a showing scheduling service.  After the agreement, the listing agent doesn’t even answer calls on the property or advise on the real estate purchase contract.

Most buyers agents hate these abominations because to serve their clients appropriately they must do the work of both agents, assume twice the liability & often for less money.  This particular listing is only offering 2.5% commission.  It’s not about the money, the buyers agent can’t get accurate or timely information, showings can be difficult to schedule and they must deal directly with the seller whom may not have knowledge of how real estate transactions work, experience with standard forms, title work or what can go wrong.

No Real Estate Advise Or Representation

Limited Service MLS Photo Posted Sideways

The Sideways Kitchen

Sellers are happy that they paid so little until they realize they were left dangling in the wind, no representation, no advise, no one following up on the listing photos.  Yes, it is sideways but why not at least take the time to close the cabinet doors?

I  had one of these sellers ask me when he could sell his car?  He was from a foreign country and as soon as his house sold, he was selling his car and other possessions so he could return to his homeland. Unfortunately, I could not advise him since I didn’t work for him. What if he sold the car based on my advise and the transaction fell through?  I felt sorry that he didn’t have representation but it was his choice.

Sure, you can save money, you can download your own forms and you can act as your own lawyer and doctor too. It makes a lot more sense to hire a professional Full Service Realtor when listing you home for sale!  Unless you are a sophisticated seller with current real estate transaction and market knowledge don’t fall victim to the limited service trap.

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