Selling Your Home? Key Reasons Realtors Hate Your Front Door

Key Reasons Realtors Hate Your Front Door

Selling Your Home? Key Reasons Realtors Hate Your Front Door - By Van Alstyne, TX Realtor Keith Laursen, Image - CanStock Photo

Don’t let Realtors hate your front door!  The key to selling your home starts at the front door. Many of today’s busy families come and go through the garage door but home buyers and their Realtors will take the scenic route via your front door.  What could possibly go wrong?  Click the plus signs to learn more.


Key Home Selling Problems

Do You Have A Front Door Key?
Does The Key Work?
Do You Have A Spare Key?
Do You Know Were Your Spare Key Is?
Do You Have A Key Hiding Place?


While we have covered the key reasons, don’t overlook other items that can hurt your home selling before you even get to the door.  An often overlooked item is your address. Regardless if it is on your curb, your mailbox or the home, make sure it is readable and in great shape. Not only does it look good and maintained but it ensures that the buyers tracking through your home are in the right place!

Buy a new doormat, replace the rusty porch light and make sure the doorbell works. If your front door looks like the picture, don’t cheap out, just paint it! Repair the walkway and address any trip hazards. Make sure you don’t have trees growing out of your gutters! Picture yourself fumbling with that key looking at the dirt daubers or barn swallow nests and take back that plant the nursery guaranteed wouldn’t die two years ago.  I cover more tips in my post about how your home showing is like a first date.

For other home selling tips, call me.  We have work to do but the key to selling your home starts at your front door and ends at the closing table when we hand that key to the happy new home owners.

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