Van Alstyne Spotlights

We have some fine business establishments in Van Alstyne from restaurants to doctors. This page will “SpotLight” area businesses.  Check back often for special promotions.  Please call on your local businesses and tell them Keith Laursen of Van Alstyne Homes sent you.

Braddock Chiropractic
170 N.Main St.
Van Alstyne,TX 95495
 Pam Carroll – Personal Fitness Trainer
Van Alstyne,TX 75495
Need a rural home loan?  Call First Source Capital Mortgage in Van Alstyne! 
77 FM 3356
Van Alstyne, TX 75495
(903) 482-1123
First Source Capital was founded for the purpose of providing a link to the world of real estate financing for individuals who needed a professional mortgage lender who cares about his or her real estate  transaction, and someone who would answer the phones and return calls!
Today, after 18 years, we still answer our phones, and we care more today than ever about your real estate financing needs and we understand the how our efforts each day affect the lives of our customers and neighbors.
We have survived perhaps the worst financial disaster since the 1930’s, and we have been able to do so by caring about the people who we serve, providing adequate due diligence on each transaction to avoid trouble, and offering the best rates available in the market place for many different types of transactions. We also care about our financial partners, and as a result we have access to a myriad of financial products.
  Dan Cunyus    

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