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Tract Home Formica Island Improvement - Van Alstyne HomesIf you have a tract home for sale it’s important to make it stand out in your potential buyers mind. This is an example of an inexpensive kitchen island improvement that is easy to do, won’t break the bank and is sure to be memorable.

As buyers tour subdivisions they rapidly learn the floor plans and the builders standard fixtures, cheap lighting, vinyl flooring and formica countertops.  After several showings they all just run together. If your home has something different it will stand out in this sea of mediocrity.  You want to, “Be Different, Get Spotted” and remembered.

While it’s nice to have granite, you can have something useful and memorable with a butcher block countertop.  Yes, that would be expensive but just doing the island won’t be and it will achieve the same effect.  A local cabinet shop wanted close to $500 to make a butcher block island counter top but we found a perfectly sized replacement for a little over $100 at Ikea.  Four screws, ten minutes and it totally changed the look of this Anna,TX tract home.Anna,TX Home For Sale with Butcher Block Island Countertop

Now, put on your buyer’s shoes.  You have just toured 4 homes in the neighborhood with similar floor plans and kitchens with the same standard builders formica everywhere.  Don’t you think you’ll remember the only one with the butcher block?  If priced in the same range, which one would you like to make an offer on?

The old formica top was even cut out to fit over and around the kitchen sink and faucet.  So not only is there a memorable and functional island countertop but also the ability to increase the regular counter space when needed.  Everyone that looks at this home remarks about how good the real butcher block island looks.

Imagine a potential buyer touring the home and strategically placed on the island are tasty snacks and cold drinks for their enjoyment.  The buyer will linger, sampling cheese & sipping a drink while considering what life would be like there.  Top that off with something good baking in the oven, mellow background music & you have created a memory!

Anna,TX Home For Sale - Lighting UpgradeThere are many other inexpensive things you can do to make your home for sale more memorable.  This was the replacement for the builders ugly fluorescent light which now lives in the garage replacing the single bare bulb.  It’s a stark contrast to take a buyer through a vacant white-walled cookie cutter listing, then show them the same floor plan with warm colors, upgraded fixtures, different countertops and a tastefully furnished home that they can imagine their family living in.

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  1. Add a kitchen cart or island to the kitchen and it adds personality and makes it look old world, great selling feature!

    • Funny that you should mention that Lucinda! The owner recently acquired a kitchen cart for another purpose but liked it so much next to the island that he is keeping it for it’s intended purpose. It blends in nicely on the end of the island and easily rolls to the back yard for grilling with all the necessary plates, food, condiments and utensils.


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