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Van Alstyne Pool Home PictureAre you looking for Van Alstyne homes with pools?  Check out Van Alstyne real estate listings with swimming pools. Take a cool dip on a hot summer day. A pool in the backyard is a lot more private than a community pool. If you have owned a home with a pool previously, you know what to look for but if not be aware that there are many considerations.

You never know what will be important or when a negative will be a positive to someone. I showed a home where the neighbors two-story home was within a few feet of the pool. Fortunately there were no windows in the upper story wall.  They saw the wall and immediately said, “Perfect – Sold”.  It turned out that they used a projector and a laptop to project movies unto the neighbors wall.  They had their own poolside movies the size of drive in movie theater.


 Pool Home Considerations

Type of Pool

Is it an in-ground pool or an above ground pool?  Above ground pools are normally a negative or no value on appraisals and in buyers minds. In-ground pools are more highly thought of and will generally bring a positive value on appraisals if in appropriate condition and market.


Most in-ground pools are Gunite or fiberglass.  You may also find some in-ground pools with liners. Each type has its own maintenance issues, limitations and life span.  You should discuss these with a pool professional.


Pools can have numerous features to consider from accent lighting, special deck and pool surfaces, diving boards, slides, salt vs fresh water, built-in spas, waterfalls and expensive landscaping. The choices are endless, just make sure that what you do is appropriate for the type of house you own & your lifestyle.


How old is the pool for the home you are considering?  Gunite pools may need resurfacing every 10-15 years and liners wear out.  Ask when or if the pool was resurfaced and check with local pool companies to determine your options and costs of resurfacing or replacing a liner.


Other than resurfacing or liner replacement there are many other maintenance issues requiring homeowner attention. You will need chemicals, a chemical storage area & filters to maintain the water condition, pump maintenance, lighting, patching and caulking and of course skimmers and regular cleaning.  In some climates you will need to winterize or cover your pool.


You will have costs associated with running pumps, chemicals, heaters, lights and filling or adding water when required. If you are not the maintain the pool yourself type, you will have the added cost of a pool service.


Your insurance cost can be affected by numerous items such as type of pool, accessories like diving board or slides, fences, locking gates, age and covers if any. In some cases it may make sense to have an umbrella policy for extra liability.  It’s not only the people in your household you have to worry about, it’s the possibility of someone sneaking into your pool and getting injured.

Home Warranty

If you are purchasing a pool home you should consider a home warranty that covers the pool and equipment. In most cases you can ask the seller to pay the first years cost.  This will afford you coverage until you live with and learn the condition of your pool, pumps and other equipment.

City, County, Insurance or HOA Requirements

Be aware that there may be HOA, insurance, city or county codes requirements.  These can include mandating the type and size of fencing, gates, covers, pool houses, etc.


There is a ying and a yang when it comes time to sell.  Your market will be limited because not everyone wants a pool but those buyers who do will seek them out. Generally it will probably take you longer to sell, especially if it’s in the colder months.

The most important factors are the same as selling a non pool home.  The pool and equipment should be in top shape and the back yard an appealing oasis.  Make sure you fix any obvious cosmetic issues and the water is sparkling without any debris.  Nothing turns off buyers faster than dark green yucky pools.

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