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Van Alstyne Population Sign - Realtor Keith Laursen Riding The Back Roads

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If you Google Van Alstyne, TX you may see Van Alstyne Realtor Keith Laursen horseback riding near this population sign.  While our area has definitely grown since this picture was taken, you can still enjoy simple pleasures like riding the back roads.

There are many reasons for buying a home here like our location to the Metroplex and nearby recreational opportunities but the reason I like best is the low stress atmosphere of small town living.  Most people who live here aren’t in that much of a hurry & would rather enjoy life.  Slow moving vehicles and the smell of fresh hay can bring a smile to your face.

While officially the population is over 3000 now you will find that there are many more people living on acreage outside of the city limits.  We have a diverse group of residents from farmers to families in subdivisions like Georgetown, Hackberry Heights, Steeplechase and Trail Ridge.  There is something for everyone and everyone pulls together when there is a need.  In the fast paced world we live in, it’s getting harder to find small town parades, people who care about each other and an appreciation of outdoors.  You can find all that here.

When you are ready to leave the hustle of the DFW Metroplex, give me a call.  I will help you find homes for sale that you will be proud to own & introduce you to a more relaxing lifestyle & maybe even some equine activities!  If you can’t break your addiction to fast paced living, you can always be in Dallas within an hours drive.  I bet the longer you live here the less likely you will want to make that journey.


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