Van Alstyne Post Office

By: Keith Laursen

When you go our local post office you almost feel like Cheers.  No, there isn’t a Cliff or Norm but they will know your name or at least recognize you and ask how you are doing.

Unlike a lot of places, the people of Van Alstyne actually care when they ask that, they hold the door for you and the folks behind the counter will do anything to help.  No one is in danger of going postal here!  Part of the reason it’s such a meeting place is there isn’t mail delivery to your door if you live in town.  Everyone has a P.O. Box and they come in to do their mailing and say hello to each other just like in the good old days.

I am amazed that we still get Christmas cards delivered to our old Rural Route One address which hasn’t been active for years.  911 addressing or street name changes don’t faze them. The good folks at our post office know where the mail should go and it magically finds its way to your mail box. You may even hear a horn blow outside your door announcing a package delivery if you live outside of town. Guess how many times that would happen in Dallas?

This is just one small example of why Van Alstyne is such a great place to live.  If you would like to live in a place where the pace is a little slower & the people a little friendlier, contact me today.  I bet we can find a perfect home & then you can start learning every ones name!




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