Walk In Your Realtor’s Shoes!

Walk in your Realtor’s shoes!

Van Alstyne Realtors Shoes - Photo www.VanAlstyneHomes.comTo understand the fastest way to sell you home, try on your Realtor’s shoes.  Think about who the home must be marketed to.  It’s more people than you think!  Of course the buyer must be convinced your home is the one, but you also have to indirectly sell to other Realtors, appraisers, mortgage companies, title companies, inspectors, neighbors, friends and a host of other people.

Do you know what happens during a weekly Realtors office meeting?  The new listings are highlighted, important selling points mentioned, flyers distributed, and calls made to contacts and potential buyers about your home being new on the market – if it generates excitement. Buyers who have seen all the current listings are just waiting for their Realtor to call with a new one to see.

You don’t want their reaction to be, Ho Hum, another home priced above market, smelling of Huskies and Marlboros, fence encroaching on the neighbors and repairs never done by the owner.  After a few showings, buyers as well as agents develop exactly this response.

Now picture this.  The Realtor gets up excited and talks about your home priced at or better yet, ahead of the market with new carpet, fresh paint, and possibly a home warranty or help with closing costs, a bonus or other incentive. It is in show condition, depersonalized, uncluttered, no exclusions and can close fast.

Realtors seek these homes out.  They call all their potential buyers with statements like, “you have to see this one”, “it won’t last long”, and “don’t miss this opportunity”.  Isn’t this what you really want as a seller?  Don’t you want buyers excited about your home?  Don’t you want them to walk in and say, “This is the one!”  You want buyers tripping over each other making full price offers, not negotiating over price, repairs or the drapes.

This is a home that buyers want, appraisers adjust higher, mortgage and title companies approve faster, and the neighbors tell their friends about.  Your Realtor will tell a buyer it’s like new, there is nothing they need to do, it’s priced right and they better move fast!  Isn’t that much better than, it’s priced a little high but they may come down, the seller will do repairs soon, paint will cover the smoke & dog smell, drapes are excluded and wouldn’t it look great with a new front door?

When you place your home on the market, think about what buyers want. Help your Realtor generate excitement instead of an expired listing.  If you have made the decision to sell, it’s time to set the next stage for your life and leave the old one behind.  Every payment you continue to make or month you stay waiting for that one person to buy is keeping you and your family from their new life.

Now take off those buyers’ shoes and walk into your next home excited about the great value, no repairs or updates required and the ease of getting into your new home.  Otherwise, why would you buy it?


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